KHG Nuclear Emergency Service GmbH

In the Federal Republic of Germany, the operator of a nuclear facility is obliged by the Radiation Protection Act to take technical and personnel precautions to stabilize the facility after an incident, analyze the cause and eliminate the consequences of the incident.

It is the task of KHG to provide special equipment in the areas of infrastructure, radiation protection, decontamination and remote handling for this purpose, to maintain the operational readiness of the equipment and to train personnel in the handling of the equipment.

Robots for use in nuclear facilities © KHG

Focus of work in ROBDEKON

In connection with the decommissioning of the German nuclear power plants, the dismantling of the plants results in an increasing demand for robot-based decontamination procedures. Based on many years of experience in the field of personnel and material decontamination, KHG contributes to the analysis of requirements and the specification of possible project scenarios.

We bring in expertise to the ROBDEKON project from the execution of work in contaminated areas as well as expertise from the use of tele-operated systems in nuclear facilities to support the evaluation of developed equipment with regard to practical application possibilities in the course of the project.