Götting KG

Götting KG was founded in 1965 with its headquarters in Röddensen near Hanover and has been under continuous owner management ever since. Initially active in the field of amateur radio, the Götting KG has constantly opened up new markets. For almost 40 years Götting KG has been developing devices and systems for automation, traffic, HF measurement and general radio technology. In the year 2000 this spectrum was extended by an important element with the automation of serial vehicles (trucks, wheel loaders, tractors etc.). Today Götting KG is market leader in this field.

Control center for automated utility vehicles © Götting KG

Focus of work in ROBDEKON

The demand for (partially) autonomous vehicles has grown steadily in recent years. A particularly important field of application for such vehicles are hazardous environments of any kind. In the course of the ROBDEKON project, Götting KG will contribute its expertise in the field of automation of series-production utility vehicles to support the partners in the development of novel concepts. Götting KG will actively participate in the realization of the developed concepts.