Virtual Reality Lab – CAVE

The Virtual Reality Lab – also called »CAVE« – is an immersive, interactive 3D test environment. The projection surface consists of seven elements. Each element has a width of 1.52 m and a height of 2.03 m. In addition, there is a 40 cm base. The entire projection thus covers an area of 21.6 m². To give a spatial impression, the projection is stereoscopic. Each of the seven elements is illuminated by two beamers. One beamer generates the image for the right eye and the other the image for the left eye. Linear polarizing filters mounted on the beamers are used to separate the images. The viewer is given glasses with two differently polarized lenses so that he sees a 3D image with depth information.

3D test environment with an onmideck that allows walking movements of the operator in all directions. © DFKI