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First participatory event

From 22.10.2019 to 23.10.2019 the first participatory event of the ROBDEKON Competence Center will take place in Karlsruhe. The event has the character of a conference and will feature talks by experts in the field of decontamination and robotics. The talks will be given both by users from the field and by members of the ROBDEKON consortium.

The event takes place at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Participation is free of charge, but we kindly ask you to register in advance at info@robdekon.de.


Tuesday, 22. October 2019: Focus on nuclear technology and power plant decommissioning

Time Lecture title Lecturer
10:30 am Welcome and overview of ROBDEKON Dr. Janko Petereit
Fraunhofer IOSB
10:45 Motivational Lecture: Dismantling of Nuclear Facilities Prof. Sascha Gentes
11:00 Autonomous, mobile robots to retrieve hazardous materials / sorting of decontaminated parts on a conveyor belt Dr. Arne Rönnau
FZI Research Center for Computer Science
11:30 Decontamination of building structures within the experimental nuclear power plant Jülich Philipp Sommerer
Reinwald GmbH
12:00 The Nuclear Energy Agency - Ways to promote international cooperation Dr. Martin Brandauer
OECD-Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA)
Division of Radioactive Waste Management and Decommissioning (RWMD)
12:30 pm lunch break  
1:15 pm Coating removal - different processes of KTE Oliver Fath
1:45 Autonomous environmental assessment and decommissioning in nuclear facilities Prof. Björn Hein
2:15 Dismantling of a nuclear facility at EnKK - building decontamination Christian Kumm
EnBW Kernkraft GmbH
2:45 Radiation effects on sensors and optics Dr. Michael Steffens
Fraunhofer INT
Nuclear Effects in Electronics and Optics
3:15 coffee break  
3:35 Deconstruction of the hazardous waste landfill Kölliken - Experiences and lessons learned after successful remediation Dr. Benjamin Müller
Hazardous waste landfill Kölliken (SMDK)
4:05 Engineering humanoid robots that Learn to act in the real World Prof. Tamim Asfour
4:35 Decontamination using abrasive processes Thomas Moser
Kraftanlagen Heidelberg
5:05 Visit of the Living Lab of the KIT-TMB
5:45 end of day 1  

Wednesday, October 23, 2019: Focus on landfill and contaminated site remediation

Time Lecture title Lecturer
9:00 am Robots in the remediation of contaminated sites - application scenarios and requirements Dr. Michael Reinhard
9:30 Requirements and technical developments in remediation by excavation using the example of the remediation of perimeter 1/3-northwest of the old Kesslergrube landfill site Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Illing
BAUER Resources GmbH
BUER Environment Division
10:00 Robotics and waste management - does that go together? Dipl.-Geogr. Stephan Haupenthal
10:30 coffee break
10:45 The German Rescue Robotics Center - From Research to Real Life Operation Dr. Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová
11:15 Flexible autonomy levels and telepresence for robotic assistance systems in hazardous environments Dr. Daniel Kühn
Robotics Innovation Center
11:45 Automation of heavy construction machinery for remediation of contaminated sites Dr. Philipp Woock
Fraunhofer IOSB
12:15 pm Lunch break  
1:00 pm Automated removal of contaminated material Dr. Christian Walther
Fraunhofer IOSB-AST
1:30 Damage? Problems? Solutions! - Maintenance and rehabilitation of landfill drainage systems Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Kässinger
ICP Ingenieursgesellschaft
Prof. Czurda und Partner mbH
2:00 coffee break  
2:15 From Point to Area: Situation overview for telepresent decontamination Dr. Antonio Zea / Johannes Westermann
3:00 Visit Living Lab of the KIT-ISAS
Building 50.20, Adenauerring 2
4:00 End of day 2  

As of: 21.10.2019