Outdoor Living Lab for Mobile Robots

The Outdoor Living Lab is an outdoor facility with flexible configuration options. A wide variety of obstacles and scenarios for testing the performance of robot systems can be set up on an area of approx. 900 m². For the tests, various tasks and obstacles with different degrees of difficulty can be set up on the facility, or special ground conditions can be simulated. If necessary, fog machines simulate clouds of smoke, so that visual sensor setups can be tested even under difficult conditions. A shelter offers two workplaces and serves as a weatherproof accompaniment to outdoor tests. Experiments are documented by cameras mounted on a 6m camera mast.

This living lab offers:

  • Testing of systems in the open space for external parties
  • Adoption of layout according to specific needs
Addition of Visual Sensors to Walking excavator for teleoperation, inspection and monitoring. © DFKI
Walking excavator Arter in the approx. 30m x 30m outdoor test field of the DFKI. © DFKI