Dismantling and Indoor Decontamination Lab at TMB

TMB provides research infrastructure in thematically focused laboratories and realistic test environments (living labs), among other things. In order to carry out decontamination scenarios, a technology demonstrator will be set up that focuses on the dismantling of nuclear facilities. Within the living lab, students, scientists and representatives from industry and technology will be able to test various scenarios and carry out telemanipulations.

Impression of the laboratory at TMB © KIT

The GammaBot is a cooperation product with KIT-IPR. It has a differential drive with two motors and a support roller. The use of the Robot Operating System (ROS) enables the control of the autonomous drive. A high-resolution 3D laser scanner from FARO is used to investigate the unknown environment. In addition, a variety of information such as local radiation dose rate is stored on the platform. For the accurate measurement of the radiation distribution and the subsequent decontamination, the Decont system will be used. The Decont system consists of a mobile platform, which serves as the carrier device, and various tools. A contamination array will be used to measure radioactive contamination on wall surfaces. A milling tool is used for the subsequent decontamination.

The Robot GammaBot © KIT

The indoor decontamination lab of TMB offers:

  • Laser scanning of the on-site structures
  • Test stand for various decontamination scenarios