Telepresence Lab „Holodeck“ at ISAS

In the Telepresence Lab »Holodeck« of the Chair of Intelligent Sensor-Actuator-Systems (ISAS) a cross-section of current hardware from the field of VR/AR is available including a tracking system. In this way, novel visualization and operating concepts can be quickly evaluated and tested. In addition, a unique room-sized haptic interface is provided, which enables precise 2D force feedback in a workspace of 25 m². The haptic interface can be easily combined with VR/AR techniques, creating a highly immersive user experience.

Combining the haptic interface with an HTC Vive VR system in the telepresence lab. © KIT

Espacially for external partners the Telepresence Lab at ISAS has a lot to offer:

  • Use of the holodeck for visualization and navigation of remote / virtual environments.
  • Long-range teleoperation of remote robots of any complexity, from small platforms to heavy construction equipment
  • Guided tours to learn about modern telepresence interfaces including haptics
  • Visualization of rapidly changing uncertain data in VR or AR (such as spatial distributions or sensor data)
Teleoperation of a 20-ton excavator in VR with the ROS interface. © KIT
Teleoperation of the humanoid robot Armar6 with a Microsoft Hololens 2. © KIT
Haptic path generation with a simulated car visualized in augmented reality. © KIT